Friday, November 18, 2016

Full Critical Times now available!
It's here! After a long process of research, writing, and editing, I'm happy to announce that Critical Times is finally available for download. As always, there are free download options (epub, mobi, and PDF for now), and paid options (for those who'd like a physical copy or the convenience of downloading on the Kindle store). See the links below for the details, and enjoy!

Click here to purchase via (either as a digital download or a printed paperback)

Free options:
Click here to download the .epub version (for iBooks, Apple devices, and Android devices)
Click here to download the .mobi version (for Amazon's Kindle)
Click here to download the .pdf version (best for computers)

(Right click and choose "save as" or "download as" if left-clicking doesn't work)


  1. I just finished the reading...

    Marvellous ending.

    Makes me want to Sing to Jehovah...

  2. I'm hooked... Loved this book. I will be moving on to the United righteous next. (obviously a late cover to theae books) I have left. 5 stars on amazon. And expect the next book to be same... Please keep writing.. It is refreshing to read something we can relate to.. And yes reflect on how each may react in various circumstances. Very thought provoking.