Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Sick Day" - A Poem

Can’t go in service,
Nuh-uh, no way,
I’d love to, Mom, really,
But I’m just too sick today!

My temperature is soaring,
Must be a hundred-and-three!
All my toes are swollen
And there’s a weird pain in my knees…

My throat is literally on fire,
I promise it’s no trick,
Gotta be careful with these things Mom,
Don’t wanna get you sick

I’d love to knock on doors, really,
But I can’t in this condition,
No, you go on, let me rest,
You have my permission

I’d just slow you down out there,
Limping along in a daze,
People would start to wonder about
What kinda kid you raised.

No, I really oughta get some sleep,
Maybe I’ll be better by noon,
And I know what you’re thinking,
And NO, I won’t just watch cartoons!

I wish you the best out there today,
Hope you have plenty success,
But me, I just can’t quite make it out,
I really need some rest…

Thanks for understanding, Mom,
I really think it might be smallpox,
But if I just take this morning off–
Hey, wait, where are you taking my Xbox?!